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Involvement at the European level

Membership of various organisations, enables the Association to have a voice at the European level on issues affecting BACS members.

Affiliate membership of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) allows BACS to contribute to the development of industry positions in general, whilst some sector-specific interests are catered for by the Association's membership of Cefic's European Biocidal Products Forum (EBPF) sector group and the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI).

Cefic is a trade assocation which provides the main voice for the European chemical industry in Europe and beyond. Examples of BACS' involvement include representation at Affiliates' meetings, input to the work of Cefic's Sustainable Consumption and Production management team, input to lobbying for the exclusion of tallow from the Renewable Energy Directive, which promotes the use of tallow for biodiesel production and for the generation of electricity, and work as a member of the Cefic EBPF sector group.

BACS' membership of the EBPF sector group is of particular value to the Biocides and Biosciences Group (BBG). An example of involvement is the work by the BBG to develop a BACS position on procedures for the handling of Letters of Access under the Biocidal Products Directive for use by Cefic in discussions with the European Commission and EU member states.

EFfCI is a trade association which represents the collective interests of European cosmetic ingredient manufacturers and distributors. BACS' membership of EFfCI, with a seat on its Board representing the UK, enables members of the Personal Care Group (PCG) to participate in its activities, in particular in the work of EFfCI's Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety Committee, and to contribute to the development of industry positions on legislation and policies relating to personal care and cosmetic ingredients.