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Engagement in the UK

Engagement, via membership of a wide range of forums and organisations, enables the Association not only to have a voice on immediate issues affecting members but also to try to influence the longer term regulatory and policy climate within which companies in the chemical industry have to operate.

The forums and organisations of which BACS is a member include the UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum (CSF), the Alliance of Industry Associations (AIA) and the Chemicals Regulatory Forum (CRF).

Terms of reference of the CSF include advising Governent on the management of risks to human health and the environment than may result from the production, distribution and use of chemicals. Its roles include the ongoing review of the effectiveness of REACH and the promotion of sustainability throught the chemicals supply chain. Members include other chemicals supply chain trade associations, Non-Governmental Organisations, the Trades Union Congress and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The AIA is an industry forum for discussing regulatory and policy issues affecting the chemical industry generally and for formulating common positions for lobbying. Membership consists of eleven trade associations which represent companies operating in different sectors of the supply chain. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is regularly represented at AIA meetings.

The CRF is an industry/cross-Government forum established to consider emerging proposals in the UK and EU relating to health, safety and environmental legislation. Membership consists of chemical supply chain trade associations, including many AIA members, Government departments and regulators.