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Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd

Phone: 01252627676

IMSL is an independent, testing and consultancy service specialising in the microbiology of industrial processes and products. We provide support for a wide range of industries such as manufacturers of treated articles including textiles, plastics, paper, ceramics as well as other products including paints, adhesives, polymer dispersions as well as testing disinfectants.

* Testing and validation of treated articles such as textiles, plastics and ceramics
* Efficacy data generation for product registration (BPD, EPA etc)
* Expert advice on product and process design and claims
* Production hygiene and final product testing
* Preservation system design and evaluation
* Testing and validation of disinfectants

IMSL is always customer and service driven. We focus on delivering data that is best suited to its purpose and is presented in a clear and easily understood form. We want to ensure thatbour customers understand the impact that microbiology can have on their products and process and that claims that they make are supported fully by robust, scientifically and statistically sound data.