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Croda Europe Ltd

Phone: 01405 860551
Fax: 01405 863225
Address: Cowick Hall
East Yorkshire
DN14 9AA

Croda was formed in the UK over 80 years ago in order to produce lanolin. Over the years the company has expanded and focused upon its core operations. In 2006, Croda acquired the Uniqema business, further strengthening its market position. Croda Europe is split into two sectors and operates in the following market segments:

Consumer Care

> Personal Care

> Health Care

> Crop Care

Industrial Specialities

> Home Care and I&I

> Fibres (coatings and finishes for Tissues and Non-wovens)

> Polymers and Coatings

> Polymer Additives

> Lubricants

> Geo Technologies (Oilfield, Water Treatment and Mining)

> Process Additives

> Oleochemicals

> Processed vegetable oils

For further information please visit our website.