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Surfactants Formulation Group

The Surfactants Formulation Group (SFG) provides a forum for companies operating throughout the surfactants sector supply chain, including surfactant manufacturers, formulators, distributors, industrial end-users and retailers. The benefits to members of the work of the SFG are the information and networking opportunities provided via seminars and surfactant training courses.


The prime activity if the SFG is the organisation of quarterly one-day seminars on topics of interest, chosen in consultation with members. At each meeting, several speakers from industry, government or academia give presentations on a subject selected from a variety of fields such as new surfactants, related ingredients, relevant regulatory issues and developments in technology and in applications.

The themes of seminars, which are also open to companies that are not members of BACS, are wide ranging, focusing on subjects as diverse as sustainability and green chemistry in cleaning, the use of biocides in surfactant formulations, both as preservatives and as active ingredients, and the design of surfactant systems to promote adhesion to surfaces and substrates.


In response to the views of members on specific training needs relating to surfactants, a series of courses is being developed as part of the wider BACS training strategy. The scope of the courses varies and ranges from the provision of basic information on surfactants for non-chemists to the advanced, detailed and practical information which chemists need to produce surfactant-based formulations. As with seminars, training courses are also open to companies that are not members of the Association.