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Regulatory Affairs Forum

The Regulatory Affairs Forum (RAF) provides a forum for member companies to exchange information on and discuss developments in UK and EU health, safety and environmental legislation and policies affecting BACS members in general. RAF meetings are held four times a year and are open to all member companies. Representatives from Government Departments for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) are invited as guests to contribute to discussions.

The RAF is concerned with the wide range of legislation and policies which affects the businesses of members of the Association, including regulations relating to chemicals risk management, such as REACH, to chemical product types, such as biocides, surfactants and consumer products, and to environmental protection. Attendees at meetings are provided with information on agenda items by lead reporters and also have the opportunity to ask questions or to add their own comments. The minutes of meetings not only reflect the discussions on the day but also include numerous web-links to UK and EU regulations and guidance documents. As such, the minutes serve as important reference documents for all members and are an important outcome of the work of this group.

The work of the RAF to help members keep up-to-date with legislation is supplemented by further consideration of sector-specific issues undertaken by the Association's other groups. In addition, BACS supports member companies via Alerts to communicate information on regulatory developments which needs urgently to be brought to their attention and via the helpdesk service for any regulatory or technical queries individual members may have.