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Biocides and Biosciences Group

The Biocides and Biosciences Group (BBG) provides a forum for member companies with interests in biocidal products and biosciences to keep abreast of relevant regulatory issues, developments in the UK and international microbiological standards and advances in biotechnology, such as the developing fields of genome science and bioinformatics and their impact on traditional microbiology. BBG meetings are held four times a year. The group works closely with the British Standards Institution (BSI) and the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) on the development, interpretation and implementation of disinfectant efficacy test methods.

BACS' membership of the European Biocidal Products Forum (EBPF) sector group of Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, provides the BBG with information on regulatory developments and issues at the European level and the opportunity to contribute to the development of industry positions. An example of involvement is the work by the BBG to develop a BACS position on procedures for the handling of Letters of Access under the Biocidal Products Directive, for use by Cefic in discussions with the European Commission and EU Member States.

The BBG also organises a conference, the BACS Biocides Forum, usually every other year. Themes of recent events have included guidance on the production of dossiers for formulated disinfectants under the Biocidal Products Directive and the relationship between disinfectant marketing claims and product efficacy data.

As part of the wider BACS training strategy, a series of courses on microbiology is being developed. The first of these, launched in 2011, provides a basic introduction to the subject.