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Association Structure

BACS is a company limited by guarantee. The members of the Executive Committee are elected by member companies at Annual General Meetings and are the directors of the company. The Executive Committee, supported by the secretariat, manages the business and sets priorities for the work of the Association.

BACS operates a range of sector groups which reports to the Executive Committee and the chairmen of these, if not elected members, serve on the Executive Committee as co-opted members.

The structure of the Association is shown below.

Association Structure

Whilst the Regulatory Affairs Forum covers health, safety and environmental legislation and policies relevant to all member companies, the other sector groups focus on specific product and application areas. Although the five sector groups of the Association have evolved and operate in different ways from each other, their common feature is that they all act as forums for members to exchange information and keep up-to-date on industry developments and issues of common interest, always respecting competition law, and, when relevant, to formulate responses to consultation documents and positions for lobbying.

From time to time the Association also establishes task forces to work on specific issues, an example being the Public Procurement Task Force, formed jointly with the UK Cleaning Products Industry Association (UKCPI), to promote sustainability in the industrial and institutional cleaning sector, with the publication of its Sustainable Cleaning guide for users of professional cleaning products.

The active involvement of member companies' representatives, and the expertise they bring, is key to the effective working of the Association.