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Open Meetings

BACS-SCS meeting - Polymer Solutions for Personal Care

Thursday, 26th September 2019

Location: Stockport

Plastics contaminating the environment has become big news with reports of plastic islands in oceans, drifts of waste on shore and microplastics blowing onto mountain tops coming in almost daily.  While the focus is often on single use plastics like straws and cups and, for the personal care industry, the phase out of microbeads from formulations, it is also leading to legislation by ECHA through REACH that has wider implications for more than just plastics.  It is likely this will lead to demands for more sustainable use of materials and for polymers and plastics to be biodegradable.

This meeting will investigate the current state of play in legislation and what this means for the personal care industry.  We will look at definitions of plastics and polymers and what the implications could be. We’ll also go on to look at measuring polymer biodegradability and fate and round off by looking at polymer solutions that are biobased or biodegradable.

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