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Open Meetings

Surfactants Formulation Group: Formulating with Polymers

Wednesday, 21st June 2017

Location: Lymm

Polymers in various physical forms and chemical composition are widely used in surfactant-based formulations to provide stability and meet various performance criteria. It is some time since the BACS Surfactants Formulation Group last addressed the use of these ingredients and it is thought timely to revisit this topic.

Water soluble polymers are widely used by formulators to modify rheology, disperse materials or provide additional properties to a formulation. Wrexham Glyndwr University is a recognised centre of excellence in this area and Dr Ian Ratcliffe will provide a comprehensive overview of these ingredients.

Speakers from BASF, Solvay and ltaconix will give presentations on rheology modifiers, cationic polymers, poly{itaconic acid) and other recently launched products. Also Croda will review the current situation concerning the use of microbeads, proposed legislation to ban their use and concern about the possible impact this may have on the use of other polymer-based ingredients.

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