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About BACS

Why join BACS?

BACS offers practical information, participation and an industry voice to companies of all sizes operating in the speciality chemicals sector of the chemicals supply chain.

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The British Association for Chemical Specialities (BACS) is a UK-based trade association which represents companies operating in the speciality chemicals sector of the chemicals supply chain.

BACS has around 130 members, including multi-national chemical companies, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and sole traders. Member companies include manufacturers of speciality chemical ingredients, fine chemicals, performance chemicals for industrial and consumer use and process aids for industrial applications, together with formulators, distributors, retailers and service companies. Service companies include regulatory affairs consultancies, contract research organisations, providers of analytical and testing facilities, toll manufacturers and companies providing, in addition to chemicals, equipment and technical support. Most members are UK-based but this is not a condition of membership.

The Association provides cost-effective membership services, which include the opportunity to participate in the work of sector groups catering for the diversity of members' interests, access to a wide range of information, support on issues, a helpdesk facility for any regulatory or technical queries individual companies may have and a range of training courses. The BACS Programme of sector group meetings and specialist training courses is a source of valuable information for member companies to keep abreast of industry developments and an aid to professional development.

BACS provides members with a wide range of information to help them keep abreast of industry and regulatory developments as well as opportunities for networking at BACS meetings and represents their interests by working to shape and mitigate the impact of legislation through engagement in the UK with Government, the wider chemical industry and other stakeholders and through involvement at the European level.